Assistance for Flood Victims

News for those who are interested in assisting the victims of the recent flooding in our area:

This week, HomeFirst took over the operation of the overnight shelter from the Red Cross for San Jose residents displaced in the recent floods. We served a total of 196 individuals the first night, including many homeless people that were impacted.

We are working round the clock right now to help people stay safe, fed, and connected to resources and we need your help. Our urgent needs include:

  • Volunteers to provide and serve lunch/dinner, M-W & Weekends
  • Donations of bath towels and toiletry items
  • Donations of laundry detergent pods
  • Gifts of cash, stock, or other support

Volunteer groups can contact to join the HomeFirst service calendar. Donations of wish list items can be made directly at Seven Trees Community Center, 3590 Cas Drive, San Jose 24/7.


Thank you to all the partners who have already stepped up to help, including the City of San Jose, Hunger at Home, Tzu Chi Foundation, White Road Baptist Church, Bellarmine AMEN group, and HomeFirst Annex Volunteers.