On Bomb Threats at Bay Area Jewish Schools

The Silicon Valley Interreligious Council joins with other interfaith councils around the Bay Area in condemning the bomb threats that were directed at two Bay Area Jewish schools– one in Marin County and the other in San Mateo- that were part of a nation-wide series of threats that included school across the country.
     Fortunately, the robo-call threats proved to be a hoax, but we want to make it clear that we stand together with our Jewish brothers and sisters and that any attack on any religious community in our midst is unacceptable.
     On January 19th, SiVIC sponsored a Forum on Religious Liberty, highlighting the importance of religious freedom not only for religious practice, but for the health of a democracy and the strength of our economy. We noted that it is vital that we all be ready to defend religious freedom not only for ourselves and our own traditions, but for each other. This is the promise and the possibility of the American vision.

The San Francisco Interfaith Council released this message:
 January 18, 2017, San Francisco — The San Francisco  Interfaith Council was deeply disturbed and saddened to learn today that our Bay Area Jewish community is the latest Jewish community around the nation to receive bomb threats.  This appears to be part of a rash of bomb threats made against 28 Jewish community centers and other Jewish organizations in 17 states in recent days.  On Wednesday morning, the Jewish Community Center of Marin and the Wornick Jewish Day School, both institutions that receive and educate hundreds of young children every day, were evacuated after receiving bomb threats.  “We stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters, and will not allow them to feel intimidated or isolated.  We are here to lend moral support, and to let the Jewish community know it is far from alone; it is an important and valued component of our multi-faith and multi-cultural society,” said Michael Pappas, Executive Director, of the San Francisco Interfaith Council.
The San Francisco Interfaith Council represents 800 congregations in the City and County of San Francisco, their respective judicatories, sectarian educational and healthcare institutions, and faith-based social service agencies.  Chair of the Board, G.L. Hodge, stated “Two days ago, we gathered thousands of people of faith and conscience from around the Bay Area in a march and interfaith service to commemorate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.  The outpouring of mutual interfaith support stands in sharp contrast to these cowardly acts of intimidation against the Jewish community and the division they seek to sow.  In the spirit of all Dr. King stood for and taught us, we come together to support one another, and will support the Jewish community.”