Muslims Speak Out Against Extremism

Muslim Voices Against Extremism:
Pacifica Institute Speaker Series

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6:45 pm
Pacifica Institute-Silicon Valley Branch
1257 Tasman Dr., Unit B, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ameena Jandali, content director and founding member of Islamic Networks Group (ING), a non-profit organization with affiliates around the country that counter prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history and cultural diversity, while building relations between American Muslims and other groups.
  • Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, full-time faculty member specializing in Islamic Law, Theology, and Hadith Science at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, CA.
  • Ozgur Koca Assistant Professor of Muslim studies and spent ten years of his life teaching physics, mathematics and astronomy in different countries. His studies focus on Islamic Philosophy-Theology, Spirituality, Science and Religion Discussion, Environmental Ethics, lnterreligious Discourse, and Contemporary Islamic Movements and Ideologies.

FREE Admission; RSVP Required at Sponsored by Pacifica Institute, ING and SiVIC. Download a flyer: Muslim Voices Against Extremism.

What You Wanted to Know About Other Religions (but were afraid to ask)

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church presents a weekend with a panel of scholars from the Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, and Muslim faiths.

Do you have a question for one of our guests? Click here to submit your question.

Also viewable at the satellite campuses in Mountain View, San Jose, and San Mateo. See locations.
Additional Sessions on Sunday, April 26, at 8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am.

See a video of last year’s presentation.


What You Wanted to Know About Other Faiths (but were afraid to ask)

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church presents a weekend with a panel of scholars from Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. See full details in our Events Calendar.

Saturday, April 25, 5:00 pm
Sunday, April 26, 8:00 am , 9:30 am, and 11:00 am

At the church in Menlo Park; also viewable at satellite campuses in Mountain View, San Jose, and San Mateo. See locations.

See a video of last year’s presentation.

SiVIC joins in “Call for Civic and Religious Literacy”

SiVIC joined ING and other local organizations in calling for education for both religious understanding and civic involvement in the United States, following unfortunate comments by presidential candidates in recent days. The statement says, in part:

We urge Dr. Carson and other fellow Americans to learn more about the history and founding of this great country, which, based on the wisdom of its Founding Fathers, guarantees the right of every American to practice their faith, hold public office, and aspire for the highest office of the land.

… We would like to educate Dr. Carson and others about the relationship between Islam and democracy. Principles of equal representation and respect for religious pluralism were early hallmarks of Muslim societies, and despite modern examples of Muslim-majority countries doing a poor job of upholding such rights, the reality is that the majority of Muslims, especially but not only in the United States, hold views of their faith and its values that are eminently compatible with American democracy. Dr. Carson’s words do not target any potential Muslim presidential candidate (there aren’t any) but they do serve to further isolate and demonize a community already under added scrutiny. In this Islamophobic environment, words such as Dr. Carson’s have real-life effects upon the lives of American Muslims, especially students who are often the target of bullying.

To read the full statement and list of supporters, go to the ING website.

Stand Together in Solidarity

Join the Muslim Community Association, South Bay Islamic Association, Evergreen Islamic Center, Blossom Valley Muslim Community Center and many Bay Area Mosques for a solidarity event with the Victims’ families of the San Bernardino Shooting.


Eid Festival (Celebration of Muslim Holidays)

A special opportunity to learn how Muslims celebrate their holidays.

All great religions encourage its followers to love their neighbors.But to love our neighbors, “we must know our neighbors.”

Three panelists from Islam, Christianity and Judaism will share how they celebrate their holidays, followed by Q & A and table sharing to encourage dialog and to learn about each other’s holiday traditions.

There will be a free gourmet Pakistani lunch, desserts from around the world, Mehndi (Henna) and bangles for girls. Photo booth/Ethnic clothes for you to play dress up, and Nasheed (Spiritual singing) Kids would share their favorite parts of Eid.

Register at search for Eid Festival (Celebration of Muslim Holidays)

Donations will be greatly appreciated. You can pay via paypal at, or write a check payable to AMV Foundation and mail it to 120 Park Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

“A holiday to build ‘a beloved community'”
(coverage of last year’s Eid Festival in Palo Alto Weekly- see page 13)