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Our Religious Neighbors Next Door

celebrating the religious diversity of the South Bay!

Religious NeighborWe invite you and your congregation or community to participate in Our Religious Neighbors Next Door, a project sponsored by the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council (SiVIC). As explained below, your participation is important, it's free, and it's easy.


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What is "Our Religious Neighbors Next Door"?

Muslim-Christian dinnerWe are asking congregations and faith-based organizations to send us photographs that capture distinctive features of their community— worship, events, people, or facilities. SiVIC has already collected many of these photographs and compiled them into a traveling display that can be included, for instance, in interfaith or community gatherings in our community. Eventually, it will be available on SiVIC's website.

Why "Our Religious Neighbors Next Door"?

Rabbi, Monk, MinisterThe 2012 Silicon Valley Reads program adopted two books related to religious diversity in America, with a focus on Islam. In response to an invitation from SV Reads organizers for SiVIC to contribute to their series of programs from the end of January through April, SiVIC took a cue from the title of one of the chosen books, Sumbul Ali-Karamali's The Muslim Next Door, and decided we would try to portray the variety of religious neighbors in Silicon Valley.


How do I participate?

We are asking for up to a dozen photos from each community. They can be of worship or meditation gatherings, of special events and celebrations, of buildings or facilities, of sacred objects or texts. They might include leaders and/or members of your community, shared observances or projects in service to the wider community. We invite you to consider what pictures best represent your community and your tradition, and to share them with us, along with captions that explain what they show.

Uploading your photos

South Bay InterfaithWe are working on a way to make it simple and easy to upload photos. Until then, we invite you to send them as e-mail attachments to:


Photo Details: Size, caption, attribution

We are asking for JPEG images of at least 4 megapixels; 8 megapixels would be optimal. To have the capacity to display these images both on a web site and printed for public display we need images of sufficient pixels. (If you are shooting new photos for this project with a digital camera, please adjust camera settings to shoot JPEGs of the largest size, with the least amount of compression (generally, this will be a Large/Fine setting); this will yield an image that can be reproduced at the largest size possible shooting with your particular camera.) When you upload your photo please also include a brief caption (including a date if you have it) to go with your photo, and if you desire, the name of the photographer for attribution.

Releases to SiVIC

At the Sunnyvale Zen CenterBy sending a photograph to this project you acknowledge that you have the rights to it and that you give SiVIC the right to use the photograph on such websites and in any print or electronic media to further its purpose of greater understanding and appreciation of religions in Silicon Valley. For the purposes of this release SiVIC is following the guidelines and language of the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY_NC_SA).This licence allows SiVIC to edit, modify, and build upon your photos non-commercially, as long as we credit you and license any new creations under the identical terms. See for full details.


What if I have further questions?

SiVIC is sponsoring this project; any member of the Board would be happy to respond to questions you might have. Contact us at